Benefits of Using MobiBrix As Your QR Code Generation Tool

There are many benefits to using the free QR code redirection management system that we provide, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Reuse the QR code over and over. No need to replace the code or sign medium when your URL needs to change.
  • MobiBrix takes care of all the work- no programming or coding experience necessary.
  • We can take the most complicated of URLs and shorten it in order to build a code that is easily readable and quick to download.

    The URL 48%22X48%22+24+GAUGE+STEEL+COMMERCIAL+SIGN.html

    • QR Code from other QR generating websitesOther QR generating websites don't shorten the link prior to creating the code, which complicates the readibility for the barcode reader

    • QR Code from MobiBrixMobiBrix shortens the link creating a code that is easier to read by most QR code readers and allows the code to upload faster

  • QR codes help to drive more traffic to your websites and have the ability to be passed along. Most readers allow the individual to text or email the QR code to friends and upload to social media sites thus allowing your sites to go viral.
    Real estate listings, websites, social media sites, and more!