Frequently Asked Questions

How close do you have to be to scan the QR Code?

That depends on the image size. Through tests, we have seen that 1-inch equals about a 1-foot scanning distance. We have found that a 4-inch works best and can be scanned at about 4-feet away.

Where can I order real estate signs and riders with QR codes on them?

Lowen Sign Company. Be sure to order the reusable codes so you can manage them on MobiBrix.

How can I make sure that the URL's load properly when I get my signs?

Make sure that when you enter your URL in MobiBrix, you click, "Update Your Redirections". Then test the link by clicking the "Test" button.

I don't have a personal website, but I would like to direct my codes to a specific MLS listing on my company's website. How would you suggest I do that?

Find the specific page for that MLS listing on your company's website. Copy that URL and paste it into the MobiBrix URL box when updating your redirections. You can use the test feature to verify that it takes you to the correct page.

When I scan my QR Code on my Android, it tells me that web page is not available. I have tested it on the website and it works. What would you suggest?

The reader that you are using probably doesn't work with URL's that don't have a "www", like the MobiBrix URL. We suggest using an app that can read URL's without the "www", such as Barcode Reader from the Google Play Store.

When I try to set up my account, the website won't let me accept the Terms of Agreement. Please Advise.

In order to accept the Terms of Agreement, please scroll through the entire agreement. The Agreement check box will be highlighted when you can click "Agree".

What analytics can we access for the QR Codes?

As of right now with your MobiBrix code, you can see how many times a day a code has been scanned. The device of the scan is unknown.

After I scan the QR Code, my listing does not load properly on my smartphone.

As with many websites, if your website is not mobile friendly, you may have a hard time viewing the site "as-is". Also, if your URL is to a Flash based website, it may not display properly on most smartphones as only some Android and new webOS phones and tablets support Flash animation at this time.

How can I use my VisualTour on my MobiBrix code?

If you would like to add your VisualTour to a QR Code, you will need to make sure that your URL looks like this: Copy and paste this URL into your "URL Redirect" box.