QR Code Limitations

Hard-To-Read Conditions for QR Codes

Similarly to barcodes, there are always issues that can cause the code to be unreadable, many of these issues come from low-quality print, lighting, the surface on which the code is printed and the perspective of scan. Some issues to be aware of include:

Hard to read conditions for QR Codes

MobiBrix vs. The Competitor

Unlike other QR Code generating sites, we've gone through the tests to make sure that we are creating a code with the best readability. For example, when you enter a complicated URL on another website, you get a code that is busy and difficult to scan. These codes also take longer for the smart phone to download. At MobiBrix, we take that complicated URL, shorten it and generate an easy-to-scan and quick-to-download code that your customers will be pleased with.

  • Complicated URL, not shortened
    Complicated URL, not shortened
    Difficult to read by barcode scanners
  • Complicated URL, shortened by MobiBrix
    Complicated URL, shortened by MobiBrix
    Easy to read faster download by barcode scanners