• Free QR Code Apps for Smartphones

    Posted on Wed, 22 Jun 2011 12:47:14 +0000

    Quick disclaimer: your QR Code app may not work if you don’t have proper internet connection. MobiBrix Reusable QR Codes can be used with any QR Code reader, which leaves the possibilities endless for you!


    I really enjoy this app because it works so quick! I literally hovered over the code for a second and it was already finished scanning and retrieving the info.

    Now I haven’t used this application but if you search for it online, it has raving reviews. Most of the reviews said that it was the quickest scanner they have found, which amazes me after I tried the QR Code Scanner, but many also mentioned the share function, which I think is extremely helpful. I think you’ll be good to go with either application. 


    This application allows you to scan regular  barcodes from the grocery store as well as QR Codes. It works well, uploads links quickly and allows you to share the link through text or email. 

    Allows you to scan QR Codes and it will upload the link quickly. Very similar to the Barcode Reader, but one difference I noticed is that you can also share your links on social media sites. This is an added benefit for businesses.


    On my work phone, I’ve used this application. Compared to my Android or my officemates iPhone, Blackberries aren’t great for QR Code reading. However this application is one that I have found to work pretty well. It doesn’t make you scan the QR Code by taking a photo from your camera, which is a problem with many Blackberry QR Code apps.  It also does a fairly good job at uploading or importing the information into your phone.

    MobiBrix Reusable QR Codes don’t require a specific QR Code reader to use, which means your customers don’t have to do the extra leg work in order to scan them. Learn more about MobiBrix on our website.

    Do you have a QR Code app that you really enjoy? Please share! All QR Code apps welcome.

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