• No Fees, No Strings — All Free Reusable QR Codes

    Posted on Mon, 06 Jun 2011 10:00:46 +0000

    These past few weeks we’ve been promoting our MobiBrix Free Reusable QR Codes  to different businesses. And to our surprise, some of the conversations have gone like this:

    Business: “So when do the fees roll in?”

    MobiBrix: “They don’t. We don’t have fees. It’s free to use. Use all you’d like!”

    Business: “Yes, but when do I have to start paying because I’ve been using so much?” 

    MobiBrix: “You don’t.”

    And that conversation can go on for another five minutes with about the same ending. No fees are attached to this service. They are a FREE reusable QR Code.

    You can print as many out as you’d like, share them with others and create as many reusable codes as you’d like.

    Learn more about MobiBrix through this video

    So go ahead, bathe in the freedom of no fees, no strings and all free reusable QR Codes through MobiBrix.

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